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Varla Scooter Touted As The Leading Electric Scooter Brand In The United States

The electric scooter brand has sold over 7000 units and is recommended by more than 200 professional scooter experts as the best choice for riding experience.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 12, 2022 / — American manufacturer of premium electric scooters, Varla Scooter, has been touted as the best scooter brand for those looking for a perfect all-terrain riding experience.

The phenomenal scooter brand which enjoys the recommendations of over 200 professional scooter experts, has leveraged modern innovative technology to provide riders with the most cost-effective and high-performing electric scooters, greatly boosting seamless navigation, without leaving a gaping hole in the wallets of their customers.

According to the company’s founder, Ben, Varla Scooter was created to provide electric scooter enthusiasts with a perfect cost-effective all-terrain riding experience, to allow them comfortably enjoy the freedom and adventure of the outdoors in an economically and environmentally friendly manner.

“The vision for our wonderful brand is not just to sell you products but to help you explore the world in an environmentally responsible manner. We’re conscious of the impact of automobiles and other locomotives on the health of our dear planet. With our amazing scooters, you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying the thrill of the wind brushing against you as you dart across the world in our impressive long-range scooters.” Ben said.

Founded in 2019, Varla Scooter has since released two amazing electric scooters, each specifically designed to meet the diverse needs and tastes of the many riders who enjoy navigating the world on sustainable locomotives.

The Varla Eagle One electric scooter is a 1000W hub motor on the wheels with a peak power output of 3200W powered by 2x25A speed controllers, to ensure optimal performance at all times. Armed with 36 Nm of torque, the Varla Eagle One easily navigates slopes and hills with up to 30 degrees incline, and can comfortably carry weights of up to 330 Ibs.

Made specifically for the brave and adventurous rider, the Varla Eagle One is an all-terrain electric scooter, with dual hydraulic brakes paired with an impressive ABS, as well as front and rear independent suspension to absorb the discomfort caused by rough roads.

City nomads, who require a slicker but just as efficient option, will be pleased to take a ride on the Varla Pegasus thanks to its beautiful design and smart battery management system that indicates the health of a battery and protects the battery while in operation.

The Varla Pegasus comes dressed in dual head and tail lights that illuminate the road and also make the scooter, and driver, visible to other road users, especially at night when visibility is low.

While the Varla Eagle One is capable of handling long rides of up to 40 miles, the Varla Pegasus has a maximum range capacity of 28 miles and solid 3.5 inches wide puncture-proof solid tires that provide a more comfortable riding experience.

Varla Scooter continues to be the brand of choice for cycling enthusiasts all over the world, with over 7000 units sold. The company maintains a customer-focused and detail-oriented team always on standby to assist customers with all issues and inquiries regarding their purchases.

Anyone interested in learning more about the amazing electric scooter brand, can visit their website to view their product options, or simply reach out to Varla Scooter via the contact info below.

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