New York’s ‘Enzo Footwear’ Takes a Big Step in the Fight Against Cancer by Giving Portions of Sales to Charity

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Enzo Footwear for Cancer Research

Enzo Footwear for Cancer Research

Enzo Footwear Supports Cancer Research

Enzo Footwear Supports Cancer Research

Enzo Footwear gives proceeds of footwear sales to fight cancer.

PORT WASHINGTON, NY, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2022 / — Enzo Footwear, “The People’s Footwear Brand,” is always looking for a way to give back to the underserved demographic in their community. They never forget from which they came. Their faithful supporters are the lifeblood of their success. Earlier this year, in appreciation of their dedicated customers, and in recognition of Black History Month, Enzo Footwear gave away twenty-eight pairs of sneakers. One free pair for each day in February. Now, Enzo Footwear is launching another charitable gesture by releasing a sneaker dedicated to people who are battling cancer. Deaths from cancer are most prevalent in marginalized members of society. According to the AACR report, “Education and income are the most important social factors related to higher rates of cancer deaths in communities of color.” A portion of the proceeds from each sneaker sale are donated to the American Cancer Society for research in the fight against this common enemy.

Enzo Footwear is a minority-owned, up-and-coming company that is making great strides in the world of fashion. Their innovative foresight is taking sneaker wearers to another level. They have an innate ability to create unique styles that are a head above the rest. Enzo Footwear is customer satisfaction driven, and they strive to bring their customers the highest quality products by closely monitoring the ever-changing market in which they operate. They handpick each design and monitor the manufacturing process. In return, they deliver a seamless product at affordable prices that any quality conscious consumer will appreciate.

Enzo Footwear’s online presence has a variety of choices for men’s sneakers, from the Enzo Spiel, which blends well at a social event, yet is durable enough for the track or court, to the elegant Enzo Force, which provides enough support for the foot to return energy efficiently to insure comfort during running. The site also features men’s apparel, hats, and jewelry that complement any ensemble. Enzo Footwear knows that women love shoes. There is a section dedicated to the ladies; Enzo for Her, which showcases the most fabulous sneakers for discriminating tastes. Join the Enzo Footwear Club and discover what everyone has been raving about! Get your hands on the freshest sneakers ever!

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