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Groundbreaking new game Forehand Strike™ introduces a Kickstarter campaign with exclusive launch incentives

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2022 / — Entrepreneur and game enthusiast Terrell Green is pleased to announce today the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for a new sport he has invented called Forehand Strike™. Forehand Strike is a hybrid of pre-1878 tennis rules, which required players to serve underhand, and new innovative ideas, such as the ability to be ambidextrous with customized gloves. With the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, Green will raise funds for the new sport while offering contributors the complete Forehand Strike™ set at a discount from retail.

According to Green, “my passion for creating the innovative new game Forehand Strike™ (Patent-Pending), developed after getting my butt kicked in a tennis elective, I needed to take in order to graduate from college.” He continues, “after my tennis instructor taught my class the basics of tennis, (using the underhand serve, the forehand motion, etc.) I was paired with a collegiate tennis player on the last day and my confidence was shortly destroyed because I could not return any of his 100mph+ overhand serves.”

Green used this experience as the motivation for developing Forehand Strike™. He has spent two years researching to create this new sport. The game combines old tennis techniques with new ideas and rules. It also allows for some unpredictability in shot selection by permitting players to create controlling friction with the ball by using the attractive customized camo silicone-padded gloves designed exclusively for Forehand Strike™.

Likewise, through testing and development, Green created a foam ball with a specific size and density that slows down the game and lets players be more creative with their shot selection when compared to a regular tennis ball. Finally, because the Forehand Strike™ player does not have the full extension of a tennis racket, he made the Official Forehand net twenty feet wide and forty-two inches tall, which can be adjusted to thirty-eight inches for smaller children.

Forehand Strike™ games are played as best of three, five, or seven set competitions. Each set has a maximum of seventeen points. The game can be played with two players (single match) or four players (doubles match). Because there is less emphasis on speed and power, and more emphasis on creativity, this unique game that puts a new spin on traditional tennis is a great equalizer.

Green encourages potential backers to visit the Forehand Strike™ website to learn more about the game and the Kickstarter campaign. He asserts, “I want to bring this sport to big-box retailers across the country. My goal is for Forehand Strike™ to become an Olympic sport.”

About Forehand Strike™: The creation of entrepreneur and game enthusiast Terrell Green, Forehand Strike™ is a fun sport that blends the old way of tennis with a new concept. The game is in its initial stages, and it has announced the launch of its exclusive Kickstarter campaign in April 2022.

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