Ashani Cyclone News Update: ম্যানহোলের ঢাকনা খুলে সুরাহা, নামল সেক্টর ফাইভের জমা জল

প্রত্যেকবারের মতো একই ছবি। সেক্টর ফাইভের কলেজ মোড় থেকে গোদরেজ …
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Beauty Natural Beauty

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CHD Warns FDA of Insufficient Safety Evidence to Support Authorization of COVID Shots for Infants and Young Children

Moderna and Pfizer seek COVID-19 Vaccine Emergency Use Authorizations for young children while COVID poses virtually zero threat to this age group
WASHINGTON, DC, USA, May 10, 2022 / — On April 26, Pfizer submitted an application for a COVID vaccine booster for children five through eleven years of age. This was followed by […]